CONNECTRITE BPO is a company with more Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) experience in Sales, Technical & Customer Service, Market Research services in more parts of the world than even some of our more established competitors. We serve our clients by integrating skilled people, tested practices and innovative technology; in providing a range of services including Call Centre facilities, Service/Facility Management and Back Office Solutions. We offer a full suite of services focusing on customer interaction in a variety of industries. These services include end-to-end voice and non-voice, such as web-based or email based interactions, as well as back office and administrative functions.

Our Values

Integrity - Earning the trust of our customers by applying high ethical standards to our business operations every day. Initiative - We are willing and empowered to proactively contribute to the success of the client, its customers, and other employees. Excellence - We give our personal best. Customer Satisfaction - Building lasting and rewarding relationships with our customers through responsiveness, efficiency and quality. Teamwork - Achieving our goals through sharing ideas and resources, focusing on the needs of customers and not organizational boundaries. Respect - We have as much consideration for the personal and professional worth and dignity of others as we do for ourselves. Accountability - We are responsible for our own actions and are answerable to others.

Value Propositions

We believe that long-term customer relationships are built on the Service Provider's ability to consistently ensure reliable delivery of superior value services. Our operating philosophy is to be the brand custodian of our client's brands and we understand the importance of call center in providing superior customer care. Therefore we act as an extended arm of the client or customer and try to have a complete understanding of the business of the clients as well as its processes, practices. With infrastructure, stringent quality and compliance standards we provide Multi assurance and put continuous enhancements to our services. We have invested heavily in technology, processes, training etc., but our continuous investment in people and innovation in people practices sets our employees apart from the rest.

Core Focus - QUALITY

Our core focus is directed towards providing services to Telecom, Services. We specialize in providing sales, customer care, market research and collection services. We attach great importance to implementing strict Quality Assurance and Control processes to deliver industry standard quality of services to its valued clients. The quality procedures are well defined ensuring that every solution/service that our company provides exhibits high quality which will surpass the client's expectations. The process improvements are continuously driven by changing market needs, suggestions for improvements and analysis of process performance.