About Us!

CONNECTRITE BPO is a dynamic, full capabilities call center outsourcing company specializing in outbound and e-commerce telemarketing, customer service, and CRM. It maintains a state of the art computer integrated telephony system to serve a wide range of corporate, customer service, and e-commerce clients. Over the last three years, we have successfully managed our growth without sacrificing quality or attention to detail. As a result, CONNECTRITE BPO business has grown exponentially, based on our reputation for providing the highest quality service in the industry.

Our Mission

To understand a company, it's important to know what they value. Perhaps the easiest way to convey what is important to CONNECTRITE BPO is to share the "Mission". We are a sales and service organization We are judged by how well we perform acquisition, retention, and customer support services. Our goal is to become the highest quality sales and service organization in the industry.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

CONNECTRITE BPO is a company with more Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) experience in Sales, Technical & Customer Service, Medical Billing and Market Research services in more parts of the world than even some of our more established competitors.


Our Company has in-depth experience handling customer care inquiries such as billing questions, product and service inquiries, and complaint resolution. We also place calls on behalf of clients in welcoming new customers, retaining current customers, delivering notifications and conducting market research or satisfaction surveys.